LON (league of nations)

        Founded: 10 Jan 1920

     Head Quarter: Geneva (Switzerland)

     1ST Secretary General: Sir Eric Drummond.

     Dissolved: 20 April 1946

     Nick Name: Child’s Play





     UNO (united nations organization)

     UNO word coined by F.D Roosevelt in 1942

     United nations charter signed on 26june 1945 in san Francisco

     50 countries signed UN charter (111 articles)

     Founded in: 24oct 1945

     Head Quarter : Newyork

     Regional head Quarters: Geneve,vienna,Nairobi

     Moto: It’s Your world

     Pakistan join Uno in :30sep 1947 with Yamen becoming 57th member

     China join in 1971 by expelling Vietnam






Secretary General

     1st Secretary General of UNO: Tygre Lee (Norway) (resigned)

     2nd Dag Hammarskjold (sewdon: died in a plane crash)

     3rd U Thant (Burma :1st Asian)

     4th Kurt wehldeim (Austria) (china veto his 3rd term)

     7th Kofi anan (Ghana: from ranks of staff)

     8th Ban Ki Moon (south Korea)

     9th Antoni Gutters (Portugal)



     1st permanent representative of Pakistan to Uno: Patras bukhari

     1st women (Shaista ikramulah)




     1st women representative of Pakistan

(Dr. Maliha Lodhi 16th)

     Current (Munir Akram 17th)

     Total member :193 observer states: 2 (holy see and Palestine)

     Languages: 6

       F-RACES (French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish)

     Last country to join UNO: South Sudan

Principal Organs of UNO

1.         General Assembly

2.         Security council

3.         Secretariat

4.         Economic and social council

5.         International Court of justice

6.         Trustsheep council (Expelled with the independence of Palau 1994)







General Assembly

HQ: Newyork

President: Volkan Bozkir (Turkey)

Previous: Tajuddin Muhammad Bande

Pakistani: Sir Zafarullah khan (62 session)

Session every year on 3rdSeptember (75th till now)

Security Council

     HQ: Newyork

     First session :16jan 1946

     Total Member: 15

     Permanent: 5

FURCU (France, USA, UK, Russia, China)

Non-permanent member: 10

     Presidency moves: Every month alphabetically

     Non-permanent member: Elected for a term of 2years

     Pakistan: 7 times (1stTime in 1952)

     Afro Asian: 5.  Western Europe: 2

     Pakistan tied with Columbia and India

Last term 2013


     HQ: Newyork

Social and Economic council

     HQ: Newyork

     Members elected for a term of 3yrs :54(two-third of general assembly)

International court of justice

    HQ: Hague (Netherland)

     Total judges: 15

     Term: 9yr

     No two judges from same nationality












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