Teacher fractures student leg in Sheikhupura

A class one student was left with a fractured leg after his teacher beat him with a water pipe in Ghazi Minara village, Sheikhupura.

After the incident on October 27, the nine-year-old boy and his father had to deal with a lame police system until a court intervened.

The student at Laraib Public School was subjected to inhuman punishment for not memorizing his lesson.

After returning from the school, the child complained that his teacher Abnan Ashraf had beaten him with a water pipe.

When his condition deteriorated, the boy was taken to the hospital where doctors revealed that his leg had been fractured, according to the victim’s father Abdul Jabbar.

The father went to the police station but the police did not listen. Eventually, he approached a local court for medical and legal help.

The court directed the medical superintendent of DHQ Hospital to provide medical treatment to the child.

A spokesperson of the Child Protection Bureau said that the Punjab government has adopted the motto “maar nahi, piyar” (love, no carporal punishment) at schools across the province.

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“I don’t know why these people still can’t change,” the spokesman said.

He said the bureau would help victim’s family to lodge an FIR against the teacher and its legal team would provide legal assistance.

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