Schedule For E-Transfer 2021 In Special Education Department

The Government Of The Punjab Special Education Department has issued a notification dated July 9, 2021 in connection with “Schedule For E-Transfer In Special Education Department For The Year 2021” and issued direction to all the District Education Officers( Special Education) and all the officers (Teaching/Non-Teaching BS 16 and Above) Special Education Department Punjab that the Competent Authority has approved annual e-Transfer Schedule for the Year 2021 against vacant posts and mutual transfer as under 

Description Officers(Teaching & Non Teaching BS 16 & Above Will Apply From Verification By The DEO Will Be Made From E-Transfer Orders Will Be Generated From
Transfer Against Vacant Posts 12 July To 26 July 2021 27 July To 5 August 2021 In The Month Of August 21
Mutual Transfer w.e.f 12.07.2021 till further orders. w.e.f 12.07.2021 till further orders. On completion of e process and after approval of the competent authority.

The above schedule may be complied with in true letter and spirit.


1.PS to Minister for Special Education DepartmentCC

2. PS to Secretary, Special Education Department

3. PA to Director General of Special Education Department

4. Deputy Director (Admin), Directorate General of Special Education

5. The Statistical Officer, Directorate General of Special Education

6. All the Focal Persons of HRMS in Punjab.

E-Transfer 2021

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